Did you know that condoms offer the best protection against most sexually transmitted infections?  Yes, they do. Condoms prevent the exchange of bodily fluids during sex. There are, however, some STIs that the condom does not protect against. These are herpes, warts and syphilis. The condom does not protect against these infections as it only covers the shaft of the penis and external genitalia of the female. These STIs are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. The cervix or anus and the penis are protected by condom but the surrounding skin is not. It is therefore important that you check your client to ensure there are no outward evidence of these STIs.


There are two main types of condom – the male condom and the female condom. Here are some tips on how to put on the male and female condoms.



How to put on a male condom

  • Check the condom to ensure it has not expired
  • Check the condom for air pockets by folding it over onto itself. There should be air inside the condom package. If there isn't, it means there may be a hole or is damaged.
  • Once satisfied that the condom is safe, gently open the condom packet at one corner. Try not to tear the condom with your fingernails or teeth, or by being rough.
  • Once out of the packet, place the condom on your finger and ensure it looks like a Mexican sombrero before putting onto the erect penis. If the condom doesn’t look like the sombrero then you have it upside down.
  • Place the rolled condom over the tip of the hard penis, whilst holding the tip of the condom with enough space for the semen to collect.
  • Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. Make sure there are no air bubbles all the way down.
  • Make sure the condom covers the entire penis by pushing it down right to the base.


After the client comes:                                                              

  • Do not wait until the client’s penis gets soft to pull out. If you do, the condom can slip off or the sperm spills
  • Hold the base of the condom on the still erect penis while the client withdraws
  • Take off the condom carefully without spilling the contents.
  • Tie the condom in a knot, wrap in tissue paper and place in a bin.
  • Do not flush the condom in the toilet!!


Some Important Tips

Before you engage in sexual intercourse with your client, make sure you check the client for sexually transmitted infections. Ensure you do the smell check – if it smells, leave it.

  • Always use a lubricated condom. You can use lube for extra lubrication. Lubes come in various flavours. You can experiment with each of them.
  • Always use your own condoms and lube rather than the client’s - because you know where yours has been.
  • Store condoms in a safe cool place protected from sharp objects.
  • Never use two condoms. The condoms will rub against each other and slide off or erode causing breakage.
  • Do not use the same condom for vaginal and anal sex. You must use a new condom when you change from vaginal o anal intercourse or oral sex.
  • Do not use the same condom with each client if doing group sex.

Check the condom after use. Whatever is in the condom belongs to the male and whatever is on the outside belongs to you. You are looking for any discolouration in the semen

  • If you suspect the client may have an infection, visit your health centre and talk to a health care provider about your options
  • If a condom breaks, get a check up after seven days—or earlier if symptoms develop.

How to put on condom with your mouth

This can be very erotic for the client.

  • Put the condom in your mouth with the teat facing the back of your throat.
  • Allow the condom to sit below your front teeth, between your gums and inside your bottom lip. Practise talking to your client with the condom in this position.
  • Move it with your tongue to the front of your mouth, between your teeth and lips, with the tip touching the teeth. Be careful as jagged or chipped teeth may break the condom.
  • Squeeze the tip of the condom to remove the air by flattening the teat between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.
  • Using your mouth, place the rim of the condom around the tip of the client’s penis and push the condom down using your lips.
  • Do not allow your mouth to touch any part of the client’s penis (shaft and surrounding areas).
  • Use your tongue to play with the client’s protected penis.
  • Keep your nose in the air to open up your throat when doing ‘deep throat’. Choose a position which feels most comfortable for you.




The female condom

This is a strong, soft, transparent polyurethane sheath that is inserted in the vagina before sexual intercourse. It protects against both pregnancy and infections by forming a barrier between the vagina and the penis, cervix and external genitalia.


The female condom is stronger than latex, odourless and causes no allergic reactions. It can be used with both oil-based and water-based lubes. It can be inserted up to eight hours prior to intercourse and does not require immediate withdrawal after ejaculation.

How to put in a female condom

The female condom may be inserted while standing in various positions. You can insert while lying on your back or with one leg elevated on a chair or by squatting. You will see this on the leaflet provided with the condoms which also indicate the procedure to follow when inserting:

  • Hold the 'closed' end of the female condom (the tip), feeling the ring inside it.
  • Squeeze the ring between your fingers, in preparation for insertion.
  • With your other hand, open up the lips of your vagina.
  • Push the squeezed ring inside, and up to the neck of the cervix. There's a diagram on the leaflet that shows you how to do this.
  • Next, put two fingers inside the female condom and use them to push the inner ring as far into your vagina as it will go – so the whole cavity is snugly lined.
  • Ensure that the outer ring now covers the opening of your vagina. The top of this ring should be approximately over your clitoris.
  • Guide the man's penis in through this outer ring – so he is inside the condom. Take care: it is easy to mistakenly put the penis outside the condom.
  • After sex, remove the female condom by twisting the outer ring and pulling it out gently.
  • Wrap and dispose of it (in a bin). Do not try and use it again.






Dams are rectangular sheets of very thin latex. They are used for vaginal, anal and oral protection. Here are some tips for using the dam:

  • To improve sensitivity, you can use a little water-based lube on the side of the dam that covers the genital area (area around your vagina) or the anus.
  • Do not use both sides of the dam.
  • If you are doing oral vaginal and anal sex, you should change the dam for each area. Failure to do so could result in infection.
  • Always use a new dam for each client.
  • Make sure that you stretch the dam enough to cover the client’s vagina, balls and anus.



If you provide fisting and or fingering services, you should always use latex gloves. Gloves can prevent bacteria or viruses entering the blood stream during fisting or fingering. They also protect the soft lining of the vagina and anus from tearing from fingernails.





Dildos can greatly enhance your time with your client and may even result in him/her returning for more. Dildos are designed to provide maximum satisfaction and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. Of course, you can also use them in foreplay by running them over the skin.


Dildos come in various forms, designs and usage.

Butt-plugs: Dildos can act as butt-plugs when inserted in the anus and remain there for some time.

Anal penetration: Dildos used for repeated anal penetration should come with a flared base for safety reasons.

Double-ended dildos: These are dildos with different-sized shafts pointing in the same direction. They are used by women for both anal and vaginal penetration at once. It can also be used by two persons where each person takes an end and receives stimulation.

Strap-on dildos: These are designed to be worn in harnesses. Some may come double-ended for both vaginal and anal sex and some have built in vibrators to increase pleasure


Other types of dildos include:

  • Inflatable dildos
  • Dildos with suction cups attached to the base (sometimes referred to as a wall mount)
  • Thigh mount strap-ons
  • Face mount strap-ons



One of the best-kept secrets of good (and safer) sex is water-based lubricant. Many people simply don’t realize that water-based lubes can make sex oh so much better. Lubes, as they are called, are used during anal, vaginal intercourse and masturbation to reduce friction.