Once you decide that this is what you want to do, you need to familiarize yourself with the job. To make the best of it, you will also need to become comfortable with it. Learn as much as you can about sex - get to know the many ways of pleasing your clients sexually, so your clientele can grow. You should never tire of learning more and more about sex - read up on all material possible on sex work and ensure you read and watch programmes that deal with sex in various cultures. This will add value to local knowledge and improve your skills.



Remember you are providing a valuable service, so always treat your clients with the utmost respect. Always greet them with a smile – no matter the day you are having. If you are rude and always angry, chances are, you will not get many clients. Always remember that both you and your client are getting something valuable out of the transaction that takes place. Therefore, you should be respectful at all times to potential clients  – even to those who are rude.



As a sex worker, you should have some core values that will guide the decisions you make. Being a sex worker does not mean that you have to do anything and everything for money. If you find something distasteful and or unsafe physically or emotionally, don’t do it. Lock into your core values so you won’t agree to doing things that make you feel you feel sick just because you want to earn money. Compromising yourself can lead to very short careers, stress and or sexually transmitted infections.




If a client offers to pay you more money than you agreed to for services that are risky to you, refuse it. No amount of money should make you compromise your life or health. Many potential clients will tell you to do penetrative or oral sex without condoms, but you should never fall for this. REMEMBER, clients do not stay long enough to care for the unexpected baby or to pay your medical bills should you contract an STI. Be SMART, use condoms every time!



There is no job security in the sex industry, so ensure you put aside some money for those days when you cannot work. The industry is very unkind to older sex workers, so make as much money as you can while young and make sure you put away something in a bank or credit union. The industry can also be stressful and there is always the possibility of burn out, illness or getting fired. Be prepared and SAVE! Some experts advise putting aside funds to last you at least six months per year.



You know it - society is very uncomfortable and in some cases very hateful to sex workers. This is a heavy burden for any one sex worker to carry. Therefore you should seek the support of persons or organizations that are friendly and who do not judge you for the work you do. Be true to yourself – do not stay in relationships with persons who do not approve of your work and will not watch your back. The constantly negative reinforcement from these relationships will make you miserable and promote self hatred. You deserve as much support for your career choice as any other individual.



Adapted from Resourcing Health & EDucation in the Sex Industry