July 22 – 27, 2012 - International AIDS Conference


altThe AIDS 2012 Conference Programme seeks to promote excellence and inquiry, encourage individual and collective action, foster multi-sectorial dialogue and constructive debate, and reinforce accountability amongst all stakeholders. Sessions will focus on the latest issues in HIV science, policy and practice and will also seek to share key research findings, lessons learned and best practices, as well as identify gaps in knowledge.  The conference will feature abstract-driven sessions, a daily plenary session, a variety of symposia sessions, workshops and independently organized satellite meetings.  In addition, the conference programme will include a number of activities, such as the global Village and the youth Programme, which are an integral aspect of the International AIDS Conference.






The International AIDS conference will take place in Washington DC. United States. The conference organizers have prepared a fact sheet with information about travel visas for sex workers and other groups.  The document is entitled: “AIDS 2012 Fact Sheet: Travel to the United States - Former and current sex workers and people who use drugs” and can be found at this link: