The criminalization of sex work increases the vulnerability of sex workers in the region to human rights violations and violence. This is especially so for male sex workers who may be considered homosexual. Here are some tips that male sex workers in the region may find useful.


  1. Wear comfortable shoes that come off easily and allow you to run if this becomes necessary. A few suggestions are track shoes or casual dress shoes. It is not advisable to wear shoes with very high heels, large platforms, flip-flops and sandals.
  2. Avoid jewellery. However, if you choose to wear necklaces or earrings, make sure you can afford to lose them in case of emergency. They should also be small and able to come off easily.  Avoid wearing long earrings, heavy or thick necklaces and navel, lips or tongue rings. Large jewellery can be used as weapons if they are taken from you. Wear clip on earrings.
  3. Clothing: Your clothing should be easy to put on take off. Avoid wearing underwear. If you have to, ensure they do not have straps or strings. 
  4. Big bags such as knapsacks and over-the-shoulder bags should not be carried on the job. All you need is a small bag for essentials such as condoms and lubes. Big bags can be used as weapons against you such as to choke you.  Have somewhere you can stash important items such as identification cards and money. This can be in hidden pockets in clothing and should be easily accessible if needed.



Adapted from Resourcing health & EDucation in the sex industry (RED)