Caribbean Regional Trans in Action (CRTA)




Mia Quetzal

Regional Coordinator







Who we are

CRTA is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 2009 and operates from Belize. We support marginalised populations through advocacy and social mobilization. We work hard to support regional efforts in the areas of HIV and Sex Work.


What we do

CRTA works to address stigma and discrimination from the general population, police harassment, and health and immigration issues for transgender, transvestite, female, and youth sex workers.  We focus on challenges faced by our members when dealing with health providers, governments, and law enforcement.  Our current major project is a media and communication campaign entitled Reduce the Scourge of Hate and Fear of Transgender Persons.


Where we work

Though based in Belize, the work of CRTA is regional in scope, and includes networking with groups and organizations across the Caribbean.  We collaborate with colleagues in other Caribbean nations to increase resources for our sex workers and promote a commitment to change among political and social leaders.


What we have achieved

CRTA was among the organizations that participated in a meeting in Guyana in July 2011 to develop the Sex Worker Declaration. This Declaration will be used as a tool by organizations in the Caribbean to advance the advocacy agenda. The Declaration recognizes the particular vulnerabilities of sex workers and the actions that are necessary to create an enabling environment in which the rights of all citizens are protected including universal access to health care, protection and security.